Hey guys! I’m Michael Waters.

I’m a freshman at Pomona College and a freelance journalist who regularly contributes to the Barnes & Noble Teen blog.

I created (and now organize) YA Open Mic, a monthly series on the Barnes & Noble blog in which YA authors share personal stories. Find out more about that here

Some other things about me:

  • I’m eighteen.
  • I’m an introvert.
  • I’m queer. (I talk some about what this term means to me here.)
  • I created the #VeryRealisticYA hashtag.
  • I created Coming Out Cards.
  • Up until August 2015, I ran the blog Teens Can Write, Too.
  • I’m represented by Brooks Sherman of the Bent Agency.
  • In March 2016, an essay I wrote won the Scholastic Emmy Laybourne Essay Award.
  • My favorite Game of Thrones character is Cersei.
  • My favorite Arrested Development character is Lucille.
  • I sometimes worry my obsession with Veep’s Selina Meyer has begun to reflect poorly on my character.

My email is themichaelw(at)gmail(dot)com.


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