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life and death online

Life and Death Online
Hazlitt, March 5, 2018

“This is the nature of grieving a friend you have never, or rarely, met: everything becomes internal. Simply accepting and expressing remorse becomes its own struggle, because the typical rituals—funerals, communication with loved ones of the deceased—are so often inaccessible.”

How Instagram’s Beauty Boys Are Rewriting Our Ideas About Gender
them., February 28, 2018

“Anyone who has seen the famous portrait of King Louis XIV of France posing in high heels, a curly wig, and tight stockings knows that our ideas of masculinity and femininity are ever-changing. But maybe the rise of beauty boys represents something more than another change in gender norms.”

DMs From Beyond the Grave Are Changing How We Grieve
VICE, November 28, 2017

“In 2014, [NaKina] Talbert was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, or PSP, a rare and fast-acting neurodegenerative disease with symptoms similar to Parkinson’s. She soon began making preparations. She knew she wanted to leave her children and grandchildren recordings of her voice—when Talbert’s father died nearly 40 years ago, that was the thing she forgot first.”


god's country.jpg

‘Love, Simon’ Star Keiynan Lonsdale Talks Coming Out on Set 
The Hollywood Reporter, March 16, 2018′

Author Becky Albertalli on ‘Love, Simon’
The Hollywood Reporter, March 16, 2018

Why ‘God’s Own Country’ Is the Rare Queer Film to Feature a Happy Ending
The Hollywood Reporter, March 13, 2018

Did ‘Queer Eye’ Change America?
The Hollywood Reporter, February 6, 2018

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Lithuanian book smuggling

How Clothing Made From Milk Became the Height of Fashion in Mussolini’s Italy
Atlas Obscura, July 28, 2017

The 19th-Century Lithuanians Who Smuggled Books to Save Their Language 
Atlas Obscura, July 19, 2017

The Librarian Who Guarded the Manhattan Project’s Secrets 
Atlas Obscura, June 23, 2017

The Drag Queen Who Changed American Politics 
Atlas Oscura, November 26, 2016

What We Lose When We Don’t Teach LGBTQ History in Schools 
The Establishment, October 7, 2016

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 Personal Essays

Slate_internet friends

Dashboard Confessional 
Slate, March 2, 2018

“I don’t know what I would have done without that little corner of the internet, populated by people like Laura who became the first to see, and love, all of me—even at a distance.”

Makeup Is a Language of Resistance 
Hazlitt, March 28, 2017

“I used my first Snapchat makeup filter in secret, on the bottom floor of my high school library, behind a bookshelf where I knew no one would see.”

The Orlando Shooting Won’t Keep Me Away from NYC Pride
MTV, June 6, 2016

“Somehow, I’d convinced myself I was impervious to harm. I’d looked into the eyes of a society that doesn’t want me and thought, They’ll make an exception.”


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