YA Open Mic


What is it? 

YA Open Mic is a monthly series on the B&N Teen blog in which YA authors share personal stories. The authors are welcome to talk about whatever they choose; the aim of the series, above all, is to peel away the formality of bios and offer authors a chance to share something about themselves that readers wouldn’t glean from visiting their websites. Past topics have included mental illness, race, sexuality, romantic relationships, writing, and beyond. Ultimately, I hope that having awesome authors speak on personal subjects will erase some of the stigma surrounding those subjects.

Other facts:

  • A new Open Mic post is published on the first Thursday of each month.
  • We only feature authors who have YA books releasing in the same month as the post. So all authors whose stories appear in the October 2015 edition of YA Open Mic had books published in October 2015.
  • The stories are only allowed to be a few paragraphs.
  • The authors send in photos of themselves. Our only rule is that they can’t submit professional author photos.

Questions? Feel free to email me at themichaelw(at)gmail(dot)com or tweet me at @ABoredAuthor.


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By Author:


Kristy Acevedo (April 2016)

Dahlia Adler (November 2015)

Ann Aguirre (August 2016)

Cecelia Ahern (April 2016)

Ami Allen-Vath (April 2016)

Lily Anderson (May 2016)

Victoria Aveyard (February 2016)


Stefan Bachmann (March 2016)

Brianna Baker (February 2016)

Karen Bao (February 2016)

Alexis Bass (December 2015)

Kate Jarvik Birch (December 2015)

Ashley Herring Blake (May 2016)

Alexandra Bracken (January 2016)

Anna Breslaw (April 2016)

Zac Brewer (May 2016)

Jessica Brody (August 2016)

Jaye Robin Brown (August 2016)


Erica Cameron (December 2015)

Aimée Carter (November 2015)

Ally Carter (December 2015)

Sona Charaipotra (July 2016)

Roshani Chokshi (April 2016)

Pratima Cranse (November 2015)


Linda Davies (February 2016)

Tanita S. Davis (February 2016)

Arwen Elys Dayton (January 2016)

Susan Dennard (January 2016)

Christa Desir (January 2016)

Phillippe Diederich (March 2016)

Brenda Drake (January 2016)

Pintip Dunn (June 2016)

Corinne Duyvis (March 2016)


Julia Ember (April 2016)

Kate Evangelista (April 2016)


Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (January 2016)

Donna Freitas (June 2016)


Mia Garcia (May 2016)

Jeff Garvin (February 2016)

Claudia Gray (November 2015)

Melissa Gray (July 2016)


Harriet Reuter Hapgood (May 2016)

Cynthia Hand (June 2016)

Margot Harrison (July 2016)

Brent Hartinger (August 2016)

Heidi Heilig (February 2016)

Emily Henry (January 2016)

Eleanor Herman (July 2016)

Jeff Hirsch (July 2016)

Bonnie-Sue Hitchock (February 2016)

Amalie Howard (April 2016)

Charlotte Huang (November 2015)

Shaun David Hutchinson (January 2016)


Ava Jae (March 2016)

E.K. Johnston (October 2015)


Julie Kagawa (October 2015)

A.R. Kahler (March 2016)

Rahul Kanakia (August 2016)

Brigid Kemmerer (December 2015)

Miranda Kenneally (July 2016)

Kody Keplinger (July 2016)

Aditi Khorana (June 2016)

Jo Knowles (August 2016)

Stephanie Kuehn (August 2016)


Estelle Laure (December 2015)

Stacey Lee (May 2016)

Katrina Leno (July 2016)

R.C. Lewis (October 2015)

Eric Lindstrom (December 2015)

Emery Lord (April 2016)

Kenneth Logan (June 2016)

Marie Lu (October 2015)


Sarah J. Maas (May 2016)

Emily Martin (January 2016)

Lisa Maxwell (February 2016)

Adriana Mather (July 2016)

Mindy McGinnis (October 2015)

Paige McKenzie (March 2016)

Richelle Mead (November 2015)

Jodie Meadows (April 2016)

Meg Medina (March 2016)

Lois Metzger (June 2016)

Barnabas Miller (November 2015)

Lauren Morrill (December 2015)


Marilyn Nelson (January 2016)

Jenn P. Nguyen (June 2016)

Marieke Nijkamp (January 2016)


Nancy Ohlin (November 2015)


Amanda Panitch (June 2016)

Natalie C. Parker (February 2016)

Marcy Beller Paul (October 2015)

Lygia Day Peñaflor (August 2016)

Chelsea Pitcher (November 2015)


Riley Redgate (March 2016)

Marisa Reichardt (January 2016)

Kimberly Reid (May 2016)

Beth Revis (July 2016)

M.G. Reyes (May 2016)

Lindsay Ribar (June 2016)

Randy Ribay (October 2015)

Caroline Tung Richmond (July 2016)

Olivia Rivers (May 2016)

Romina Russell (December 2015)


Sara Saedi (June 2016)

Kim Savage (February 2016)

Erin L. Schneider (May 2016)

Victoria Schwab (July 2016)

Ruta Sepetys (February 2016)

Tarun Shanker (February 2016)

Mia Siegert (May 2016)

Alexandra Sirowy (August 2016)

Emily Skrutskie (February 2016)

Evelyn Skye (May 2016)

Lindsay Smith (October 2015)

Laura Stampler (July 2016)

Maggie Stiefvater (April 2016)

Francisco Stork (January 2016)

Tara Sullivan (February 2016)

Mary Elizabeth Summer (October 2015)

Ingrid Sundberg (December 2015)

Elissa Sussman (January 2016)


Robin Talley (October 2015)

Sarvenaz Tash (June 2016)

Lauren Nicolle Taylor (February 2016)

Jenn Marie Thorne (May 2016)

Laura Tims (May 2016)

Gaby Triana (August 2016)


Danielle Vega (July 2016)

Siobhan Vivian (April 2016)


Kasie West (July 2016)

John Corey Whaley (May 2016)


Jeff Zentner (March 2016)